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What are my immigration options to Germany?

How can I find a job in Germany from abroad?

Can my family join me in Germany?

How can I apply for a residence permit?

If you can answer YES to any of the questions above, then I’m the right person for you to talk to about these and many other topics.

I’m Sascha Markovic, your German immigration consultant. I can help you discover your immigration options and employment prospects in Germany, accompany you at every step of your immigration journey, and support you after relocation.

My mission is to advise, guide, and support internationals who want to work and live in Germany, equipping them with the information, strategies, and tools they need to get a job, successfully navigate the immigration process, and deal with bureaucracy and other challenges after relocation.

I have spent the past 16 years working with people from all over the world who were relocating to Germany and seeking new career opportunities there. During this time, I have seen firsthand the difficulties many internationals face when trying to navigate the visa procedures, find a job, and overcome language and bureaucratic hurdles.

The immigration process and adjusting to life in a new country can be overwhelming, with a lot of information, procedures, and authorities to deal with. That’s where I come in. As a German immigration consultant with a wealth of experience and knowledge, I am here to help and encourage you on your journey.

I will use my expertise and network to advise you on your immigration options and chances in the German job market, guide you through the visa and residency procedures, help you with your job search, and assist you in settling in after relocation to Germany.

My personal intercultural experience and diverse professional background make me a competent and passionate adviser for anyone seeking to live and work in Germany.

I hold a degree in international business from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart and have also studied at San Francisco State University. In addition to my native German and Serbian, I am proficient in English.

Before starting my immigration consultancy business in 2020, I worked for 13 years as a seconded expert of the German Centre for Migration and Development in the Westen Balkans.

As coordinator of a prestigious international exchange program sponsored by the German government, I have helped hundreds of young professionals in their journey of relocating and advancing their careers in Germany. Over the course of this role, I have worked with more than 150 German companies and 700 international talents.

Connect with me or follow me on LinkedIn to stay up to date about immigration to Germany.

Please note that I don’t have any employees or associates. If someone is offering you services or a job on my behalf, it is clearly a scam. Please let me know if anyone approaches you on my behalf.

Sascha Markovic, Einwanderungsberater, German Immigration Consultant

How I can help you

With my experience and expertise, I can guide and support you through every step of your immigration process and job search in Germany.

Whether you are just starting to explore your immigration options and employment prospects or you are ready to make the move, I am here to offer the support and guidance you need. You can rely on my passion and dedication to help you succeed in your new life in Germany.

Discover your immigration options

If you are considering moving to Germany and want to learn more about your immigration options and chances to land a job there, then I’m the right person to talk to. I will provide you with honest and clear advice on your options, employment prospects, and possible hurdles.  

Get a visa or residence permit

If you have already secured a job or know which immigration route you and your family want to pursue, but need support with the visa process, I can help. I can provide reliable advice and hands-on assistance to navigate the immigration process.

Find a job
in Germany

Are you starting to look for a job in Germany or are you already looking but have not been successful so far? I can help you kickstart your job search by better understanding the job market and avoiding mistakes most international job seekers are making.

Your journey to Germany starts here!

Are you considering moving to Germany and would you like to find out more about your immigration options and chances on the German job market? Get started and book a Discovery Consultation with me.

Let's talk!
Immigration to Germany

Immigration paths to Germany

There are various visa types that allow you to immigrate to Germany. The visa that you may be eligible for depends on factors such as your nationality, qualifications, job offer, status of your family member living in Germany, or your German language skills. Most internationals who immigrated to Germany in recent years choose one of the following four routes, but there are also other visa options.

Later this year, Germany will introduce an additional immigration scheme, the points-based Opportunity Card, which will make immigration even easier and more flexible.

Work-based immigration

Internationals with a foreign degree or training that is recognized in Germany and a matching job offer can get a Blue Card, a work visa for qualified professionals or one of the occupation specific work visas. 

Business-based immigration

Internationals who want to work as freelancers or start a business in Germany can get a visa for self-employment. Freelancing is however limited only to certain professions.

Education-based immigration

Studying in Germany or working as a researcher provides easier access to the labor market, getting a permanent residence, and naturalization.

Family-based immigration

Spouses/registered partners and minor children of German residents can get family reunion visas to move to Germany. Spouses/ registered partners also receive a work permit. 

My Clients

My support is individual and tailored to the needs of every client.

I understand that every client is unique. That’s why I offer individual support tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client I work with.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with clients from more than 80 countries. I know that each individual brings their own experiences, backgrounds, plans, and expectations to the table, and I am committed to providing customized support to meet those needs.

Whether you are just starting to explore your options for living and working in Germany or you are ready to make the move, I am here to offer the guidance and support you need.

Einwanderungsberater, German Immigration Consultant, Nemacki imigracioni savetnik

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