Career consulting for internationals in Germany

Are you already living in Germany and having trouble finding a job? Or are you graduating in Germany and don’t know where to search for jobs and how to apply?

I will help you better understand the German job market, find the right jobs away from the usual job boards, and write convincing applications.

Karriereberatung für Ausländer, German Career Consulting

Together we will analyze your previous job search and identify the weak points. I will explain what German employers expect of international job seekers and how you can overcome these hurdles.

Every immigration path is individual, and so is my immigration and career consulting. I can answer your particular questions, help you master the immigration process and the job search independently, and accompany you all the way to Germany.

We will talk about your plans during the free consultation and clarify which support you need and how extensive it should be. Then I will send you an offer tailored to your needs. If you have “just one question”, you can also book an individual consultation. In any case, you can be sure that I will use all of my experience, expertise, and passion to help you successfully realize your immigration and career plans.

Career Consulting for Internationals in Germany

Step 1: Discover your career opportunities in Germany

The discovery consultation will help you understand your position on the German job market and set realistic career goals. We will discuss your career plans, and you will learn what employment prospects you have as an international in Germany.

Step 2: Find the rights jobs and employers

After you have set your goals, I will create an individual job search strategy for you and show you which tools and tactics to use to find the right jobs and employers.

I will help you to:

  • understand the German job market, your job niche, and your chances as an international job seeker;
  • analyze your professional background, your previous job search, and identify bottlenecks and potential for improvement;
  • expand your job search and identify more promising jobs and potential employers on the public job market;
  • diversify your job search by using networking strategies and tactics to tap into the hidden job market;
  • focus on the most promising opportunities;
  • make your job search more efficient by using job search techniques and tracking your results.

Step 3: Get invited to job interviews

Based on your goals and job search strategy, I will help you market yourself and communicate your value to employers on paper, online, and in person.

  • I will review your application documents from the perspective of German employers, explain what they expect from international candidates and help you avoid mistakes internationals usually make;
  • We will adapt your CV and cover letter to German standards and tailor them to your target positions;
  • I will optimize your LinkedIn and XING profiles and your CV for applicant tracking systems (ATS);
  • You will learn which networking strategies and tactics to use to increase your chances of landing a job interview;
  • I will look for opportunities for you in my network. 

Step 4: Master your job interviews and get hired

A proper job search strategy and convincing application documents will make it much easier for you to get invited to interviews. I will help you master your job interviews by:

  • reviewing your job applications before you send them out;
  • preparing you for interviews and conducting mock interviews;
  • supporting you in networking with employers, recruiters, and hiring managers;
  • advising you during job negotiations.

Individual Consultations

If you only have a few questions or need support with specific steps in your job search and immigration process, you can also book individual consultations.

You can also find more information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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