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The consultations take place online via Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, by phone, Whatsapp, Viber, or in person in Stuttgart or Belgrade.

I work with my clients in German, English and Serbian / Bosnian / Croatian.

During the initial free consultation, we will discuss your immigration and career plans. I want to understand what your goals and expectations are and I will tell you if and how I can help you to achieve them. I can also answer specific questions about your immigration process, but I can not give any legal advice. The initial consultation takes about half an hour and is free of charge

Unfortunately, no. There are many factors that affect your job search (language, education, experience, age). Some of them are also a requirement for getting a visa. During the initial free consultation, I will tell you whether I think your search is promising and whether I can work with you. If not, I’ll give you tips on what you should change or improve.

You can book a single 45-minute consultation on a topic of your choice for a price of 89 euros.

During the free consultation, we will talk about your plans and clarify during which steps you will need my support. Then I will send you an offer tailored to your needs. The price will depend on how extensive the support should be.

If we work together for several months, installment payments are also possible.

You do not necessarily need an advisor to immigrate to Germany. Most of the information is publicly available and can be obtained from the relevant authorities upon request. If you understand and speak German well enough to deal with the regulations and take a lot of time for the job search and the visa process, you can manage your immigration process on your own.

Since many immigrants speak little or no German and are already employed, they lack the time to research relevant information, find a job, and plan their immigration process. Some German immigration laws and procedures have only been in place since 2020 and their implementation is not yet working well enough due to the pandemic. This also makes it difficult for internationale professional to manage their immigration process on their own.

I will help you to find your way through the German bureaucratic jungle, avoid unnecessary mistakes and save you a lot of time and nerves. Since immigration to Germany mostly depends on a job offer, I will first help you to look for suitable jobs and to apply successfully. Then I will guide you through all immigration procedures and take over the correspondence with embassies and authorities for you. By using my immigration services, you ensure that you have a competent German-speaking partner at your side.

My job is to listen to you, guide you, advise you, anticipate your needs, and support you through the immigration process. I communicate openly and transparently and will help you realistically assess your prospects. I will tell you openly during the free consultation if you have little chance of finding a job in Germany or meeting the immigration requirements.

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The duration of the immigration process depends on several factors:

  • How quickly you can find a job;
  • Whether you have to go through a recognition process;
  • Which country you come from and in which embassy you have to submit your visa application.

In the best-case scenario, the process can take 3 months. If you come from a country in which the German embassy receives a large number of visa applications, the process can take more than 6 months.

I can give you a more precise assessment after the initial free consultation.

The pandemic affects immigration to Germany in several ways:

The economic consequences for the labor market have led to a decline in the demand for skilled workers in some sectors, but also to higher unemployment. Overall, however, the demand for foreign professionals in Germany has hardly fallen, as it is mainly caused by demographic and technological change. Hence, the demand in healthcare and in technical and IT professions is unbroken.

The health measures have led to the temporary closure and a reduction in the number of appointments at the German embassies. This has led to longer waiting times in many countries. Although capacities have now been increased, applicants have to wait longer for appointments and their applications to be processed than before the pandemic.

The implementation of the Skilled Immigration Act was also delayed by the pandemic. With every new law, it takes a while for the procedures to be implemented and for the authorities involved to be coordinated. Unfortunately, the new immigration law came into force just a few days before the first pandemic measures. Therefore, implementation could only begin a few months later with the relaxation of the pandemic measures.

Yes, I also support employers in recruiting international professionals. Please contact me for more information.

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