Chancenkarte Application

Opportunity Card Application

Are you struggling to understand the requirements and the application procedure? Then then send me your questions or book my Opportunity Card Application Consultation! 

How to prepare and apply for the Opportunity Card?

The information provided by German embassies on applying for the Opportunity Card can be difficult to understand. Additionally, the procedures and required documents vary greatly between countries.

I have been following the development of the Opportunity Card since its announcement in 2022, and based on the latest official information, I can provide you with reliable guidance on the application process and requirements.

If you just have a few questions about the Opportunity Card please send me a priority message and receive my answers by email within two days.

If you need more support understanding the requirements and application process for the Opportunity Card, or if you’d like me to asses your specific case, please feel free to book a consultation with me!

Opportunity Card Questions

Answers by Email
  • Answers to 3 specific questions about the Opportunity Card by email within 2 days
  • Reviews of documents
  • Access to comprehensive and regularly updated application guide
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30-Minute Consultation

1:1 Online Session
  • Detailed explanation of the requirements and the application procedure for the Opportunity Card and recognition of qualifications
  • Review of documents
  • Instructions on how to complete the application form and prepare the required documents
  • Follow-up email with relevant ressources
  • Comprehensive and regularly updated application guide
  • Curated list of 700 companies hiring in English
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What clients say about my Opportunity Card Application Support

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