How to find jobs in Germany

There are different ways to find suitable jobs in Germany. Besides classic job ads in newspapers and on job boards, you should also use social media to network search for a job in Germany.

Jobsuche in Deutschland - Find jobs in Germany - Posao u Nemackoj

German job market

Structure of the German job market

Everyone knows the famous German companies like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Allianz, and Siemens. But the German economy consists for the most part of small and medium-sized companies, the so-called medium-sized companies. Most of these companies are virtually unknown abroad. They are also rarely found in the big cities, but in smaller towns and even villages. Most are in the west and south of Germany. Startups, on the other hand, are more likely to be found in metropoles such as Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg.

Shortage of specialists and skilled workers

In some areas of the German labor market, there has been a significant shortage of skilled workers for several years. Demand is highest in the healthcare, construction, engineering, and IT industries. The situation will worsen in the next few years due to demographic change. There are not enough young experts and skilled workers in the country to succeed those who retire. Digitization and the ecological transformation of the economy are also accelerating the shortages. In the coming years, 400,000 experts and skilled workers would have to immigrate every year in order to keep the total number of employees constant.

The greatest skills shortage occurred in September 2021 in these occupational groups:

  1. Social work and social pedagogy
  2. Elderly care
  3. Nursing
  4. Building electrics
  5. Sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology
  6. Computer science
  7. Physical therapy
  8. Automotive engineering
  9. Medical assistance
  10. Construction planning and supervision
  11. Electrical engineering
  12. Wood, furniture, and interior construction
  13. Professional drivers
  14. Dental assistance
  15. Tax advice

Job market for internationals

International specialists who do not yet speak German usually apply to multinational companies that advertise their positions in English. However, these positions are also very popular with Germans and other internationals and the competition is therefore very high.

For medium-sized companies outside of the big metropolises, the competition is usually smaller, but medium-sized companies often expect good German language skills from international applicants.

Startups are much more flexible when it comes to employing international specialists and often no knowledge of German is necessary. However, jobs in startups are less secure and less well paid than in large and medium-sized companies.

German language skills

German language skills are not compulsory for most international specialists. However, they are often required by employers and can be a decisive factor in setting you apart from other applicants and getting a job.

For some professional groups, however, a certain level of knowledge of German is required in order to be able to carry out the job, e.g. the nursing and health professions. Certain knowledge of German is also required in order to complete qualification measures for the recognition of professional qualifications or complete vocational training.

English-speaking jobs in Germany - Jobs for internationals in Germany


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Useful links to find jobs in Germany

Job boards and portals

There are over 1,000 job boards and portals in Germany. Many of them are specialized, others cover the labor market in a particular region.

Most popular job boards and portals in Germany:

Official job boards:

Start-up job boards:

English-speaking jobs:

Business networks

Many companies search for suitable candidates themselves on the internet and on various business networks. Make sure that they can find you and increase your chances of getting a job in Germany.


Most German newspapers publish job ads from companies in their own job portals. Search the internet for local newspapers in the place where you want to work to find local offers. Here are the three major national newspapers:

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